Location Diagram

This VentureSpace development is located on Capitol Drive, just west of the intersection with Chaffee Road.  It is in the northwest quadrant of the City of Oconomowoc, with easy access to Wisconsin Avenue (Bus. 16).  This location is convenient to I-94 and minutes from the Hwy 16 by-pass.  Construction of this 11-building development began in the winter of 2018!

Oak Creek (Coming soon!)

This VentureSpace development has convenient access to I-43/I-94, being located on Rawson Avenue in Oak Creek.  It is less than 2.5 miles east of the interstate and about 1 mile east of Howell Avenue.  This 20-building development is anticipated to begin construction in the summer of 2019!

​​​​​​​VentureSpace is currently developing the following properties in the southeastern portion of Wisconsin. 

CEDARBURG (Coming soon!)

​​​​​​​​​​​​This VentureSpace development is located on Hwy 60, about 1/2-mile west of Five Corners.  It is within the Five Corners Business District and is a short commute to downtown Cedarburg and Grafton.  Construction of this 18-building development is estimated to begin in spring of 2019!



Site Plan

Location Diagram


Location Diagram