Typical Business Uses

  • Motor Vehicle After Market Services
  • Construction & Trade Contractors
  • Home Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Lawncare & Landscaping Services
  • Professional Services
  • Fleet Services
  • Material & Equipment Distributors
  • Warehouse & Storage​
  • Art/Photography/Dance/Exercise Studio

Typical Hobby Uses

  • Motor Enthusiasts
  • RV and Toy Storage
  • Woodworking Shop

Blackout Window Services owns a total of three units at a similar development in Waukesha, Wisconsin; a single unit in one building and a two-unit building.  Their two-unit building does not include an interior demising wall, providing additional functionality. Their units include customized offices, restrooms, and conference room areas.  Blackout can be reached at 262-542-3800.

Purchase additional units and rent them out for income!

Purchase multiple side-by-side units and remove the interior wall(s) for more space!


VentureSpace units can be used in a wide variety of ways within the local zoning codes.

Burton Plumbing owns a two-unit building without the interior demising wall.  Their building includes additional offices for their employees.  They also use their space to warehouse parts and equipment, park their vehicles indoors, and as an administrative base to serve their customers. Burton Plumbing can be reached at 262-786-3677.

Blackout Window Services

Burton Plumbing